Vellachi Ganesan

artist | designer | educin man-made ator

Luminance! Festival

 What are your aspirations, 

what do you long to express,

The person you want to be, 

the change you want to see


Tell us the rhythm of your heartbeat, 

the colour of your soul,

Let the dance of your dreams 

unravel in a million rainbows


Let your imagination run wild; 

throw all your fears away,

Let your vision, whatever it may be, 

be present, loud and bold


Let it take the form that it finds itself to be, here at Luminance! 2012 

C0-Curator 2012

Luminance! is Singapore's first youth light art festival that was created to nurture aspiring artists & encourage experimental ideas. 
Organised  by the Living! Project

In Celebration

a sculpture that celebrates 

the coming together of community, 

of children and adults alike,

without judgement, in friendship,

to take a step to spread the word 

of preserving our natural resources, 

respecting nature 

and being sustainable. 

Community light sculpture presented at the Fetes des Lumieres 2011, Lyon, France. In collaboration with Sun Yu- Li, Allan Lim, Kenny Eng, the Living! Project , Christian Outreach for the Handicapped, Premiere Ecole and volunteers.


Guerilla Lighting Workshop

a small gesture

a simple way to honor

those who have given their lives

so that we may live

Facilitator, 2010

Organised by whenlightswork

Workshop led by Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton (Light Collective)